The Blame Game

Are you guilty of blaming other’s for your problem’s? It’s okay, most of us do, but to admit and accept our problem’s is when the healing begins to start.

I too fell into this broken record where I realized a lot of my internal problem’s, but I also kept skipping over the answer. Eventually, when this record began to annoy me, I reached out to the experts for help. I talked to many therapist’s and doctor’s about my problem’s, but no matter how hard I tried to fix my broken record, it just kept skipping.This is what happens when we start to feel unhappy in life. We feel stuck, trapped, imprisoned, inside our own mind. This is when we start to place blame.

When discussing blame, it is important to realize the role doctor’s and therapist’s play in the blame game, without even realizing it. We are apart of a society that would rather treat the symptom’s of a disease rather than finding the cure. Many doctor’s and therapist’s blame chemical imbalance’s in the brain for depression and anxiety, which is exactly what was told to me. The solution to all of this: many different anti-depressants, and years of talk therapy.

It took me getting to a really dark place in my life, to finally see the light. Even in those dark times where I contemplated suicide, I still had such a strong desire to live. I created a goal in my mind and set out to achieve it. The goal was called self happiness.

When I found the answer I was looking for, I re-evaluated my past situations. I realized I was placing blame on the wrong things. I blamed my brain for being so fucked up, I blamed my family and friends for not caring enough, I blamed my therapist’s for not fixing me…yet I never turned the blame towards myself. I finally came to the realization that I had created my own suffering and I had to accept this if I wanted to move forward.

Once you start to accept your problem’s for what they are, the easier healing will become. I am still on my journey towards healing, but everyday gets a little bit easier.

For more information about codependency, please visit my blog.

Published by thecourageouscodependent

My name is Krystal Neale. I am 26 years old, married, mother of two pups and currently practicing self love to find my inner self. This blog is my personal journey living with codependency. I hope readers find resources, inspiration, and hope reading my blog. In telling my story and experiences I hope to help others realize they are not alone in this journey to finding their true selves 💗

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