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Listening to Yourself

I recently had a turning point in my life so I thought I should pass this knowledge along. I hit a pretty dark place in my life about two weeks ago but didn’t understand why. Everything on the outside was great. I loved my job, my husband, and my two dogs. However, I was constantly in conflict with myself and getting frustrated as to why I felt so unhappy. I had everything I thought I wanted in life so far. Well, as it turns out, my drive to be happy was related to things outside myself. I forgot to nurture the child within me that so desperately was seeking love and validation. I was seeking validation from people, materialistic things, substances… I was looking for love in all the wrong places and realized the love I needed had to come from within. Now that I have started listening to my inner self, my confidence and inner love has already started to blossom. This is only the beginning of my journey to happiness. If you are struggling with internal conflicts PLEASE listen to them. Figure out what you want in life and I guarantee it will lead to happiness.

Published by thecourageouscodependent

My name is Krystal Neale. I am 26 years old, married, mother of two pups and currently practicing self love to find my inner self. This blog is my personal journey living with codependency. I hope readers find resources, inspiration, and hope reading my blog. In telling my story and experiences I hope to help others realize they are not alone in this journey to finding their true selves 💗

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